A fine vintage


I adore looking at old photos. I get to feeling nostalgic, so I go out searching for the old style and get disappointed when I find it has been demolished or renovated beyond recognition. When I do find them I can apply a vintage edit sometimes.

Sneinton, thankfully, still has many old houses still existence, like the ones above.

Cranbrook Street

Brightmoor Street


Bye bye Lee Rosy’s Tea


I am saddened that one of my favourite tearooms had closed for good on Sunday 26th May after they had been open for 18 years. I don’t know the ins and outs of the situation but the Nottingham Post here explains. So I will have to spend my quiet Sunday mornings at another venue. End of an era 😥

I managed to grab some photos before people started coming in, and bagged a few bargain tea strainers.

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In the Post


I had no idea one of my photos appeared in the Nottingham Post a few weeks ago. Selected from my Instagram. A friend mentioned it and then I looked through my mother’s back issues, but she had thrown out this particular issue. A quick email to the Post produced a good response. They have a copy waiting for me to collect and they even scanned the page and emailed it to me. Good stuff!


Street photography


As I’ve recent acquired an entry level mirrorless camera, and a marevellous book called Mastering Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett, I thought I would give people photography a go. Personally I prefer shooting buildings and grim scenes, but I thought I’d get out of my comfort zone and walk around testing my street photography. I’m not ready to get up too close just yet. Here are a few from today. And I avoided cropping and using Lightroom presets.

The streets

The Streets

Batgirl visits Wayne Manor


This is a photo I have been meaning to take for a while. I got the batgirl figure from a street stall in Sheffield last winter and around the same time tried to get a photo of the Wollaton Hall backdrop, however, the pesky visitors at the time ruined my shot by getting in it. This time, one cold spring day the weather seemed to keep the visitors away this time and I had a nice uninterrupted view of the ‘Manor’.

Beware the storms of March


What is it about the poor Wollaton Park trees succumbing to the damaging effects of our freak storms in March. This is from my annual Spring visit yesterday and I was met with a huge tree blocking the path up to Wollaton Hall. This is the aftermath of the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ freak snow weather.

View through the fallen tree at Wollaton Park

I am reminded of the same fate from last year. Again a tree is blocking the path as a result of ‘Storm Doris’ of March 2017.

Storm Doris

View from Nottingham Castle


Here’s another postcard comparison. This photo I took in March of last year, as can be seen we had the ‘Nottingham Wheel’ then, but not this year. We briefly had a kind of chairoplanes ride for two weeks. What I find amazing is the development of the city since the 1960s postcard below. Today’s sky looks very urban and futuristic.

View from Castle Terrace 1960s

Postcard credit: Dennis Productions

If I was to stand in the same position as the 60’s postcard, not a lot of the skyline would be seen because of the trees in the way now. But in my photo, you can just about make out the Council House. When the Castle undergoes it renovation I think the current trees will be stripped back to restore the view once again.