Belvoir Hill


This is the walk by Greens Windmill. You get an old worldly feel to the area, so I gave this photo a sepia feel.


In Nottingham we drop our vowels


Brewhouse Yard museum, aka Nottingham of Museum Life is expected to close next month, alongside the Castle, until 2020, while the Castle undergoes its £24 million renovation. It is not certain if Brewhouse will get to see any of the money, but it could do with some as its getting a little neglected.

View of Ye Olde Inn and Castle



Another real photo comparison. Here there is not too much has changed, in fact what is probably the oldest Inn in England is still going strong, since 1189 AD.
Sunday is the best day to get a nice quiet photo of this area, unfortunately there is parking every single day, so no chance of a car free scene. The flag is raised today, like the postcard, but cannot be seen because of the branches. The left of the picture today has a building in the way, so I manage to capture the Rock Cottage and Brewhouse Yard in the background. in the old postcard there is a building facing the Brewhouse Yard Museum, which had been demolished a long time ago. It is not certain what this building was. There were a few Inns in this area.

To the right of the Trip would have been the Gate Hangs Well so the postcard photo would have been taken shortly after this Inn was closed in 1908 and demolished after. So at a guess the postcard could be dated to just around 1936.

A few other observations, the old style gas lamp has been added over the years, perhaps (in that it could have been moved from a different location). There is no information on the card to be able to credit the publisher.


This postcard was sent in  1936 to Mrs B Hockley in Birmingham:

Dear mother and Daddie,

I do hope you are quite fit. I am pleased to say I feel much better. Lilian (?) and Cyril changed their mind when they found Pat had not returned , so we have come here for the day especially to see the Castle. Hope everything O.K.

Best love from your loving daughter

xxxxxx B.